Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sublime Beauty Sampler Pack Review: A breakdown for the skincare product challenged

I will be turning 33 this year, for most people that isn’t what you would consider “old” by any means, but when you’re surrounded by 20 year olds all day, like I am, 33 starts to feel really old pretty fast!  I’ve never had a real skincare routine, I've always just bought whatever face wash sounded good at the store and that was pretty much the extent of it.  One of the things I've learned in my new found love of all things makeup is that the better you take care of your skin, the better your makeup will look!
                So, I've decided I should put a little more effort into my skincare routine, and maybe when I’m 50, I won’t look 60! But where do you even start?? There are so many products available today, and I can’t even pronounce half of them! When I was given the opportunity to review the Sublime Beauty Skincare Sampler, I figured this would be an awesome starting point for me in my quest for better skincare.
  The sampler comes in this adorable little gift box that I will definitely be saving to reuse in the future. I absolutely adore when a company puts effort into their packaging, especially when it comes to HBA items. You get 9 samples of Sublime Beauty products and I’m going to give you all my thoughts and impressions on each sample; I had to look up what each item was so I’ll also give a quick overview of what the product is for.

                First up, we have the Retinol Serum with vitamin C.  It’s a yellowish colored cream and it smells uhm, interesting.  It’s supposed to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.  To be totally honest I would never purchase this product simply because I can’t get past the smell.  It  doesn't   smell horrible, but if I’m going to apply something to my face daily I want to like the way it smells.  This retails for $39.99 for .5 ounce on Amazon.
                Next up we have the Vitamin C Day Cream SPF 30.  This is a white cream and it’s a little thicker than a lotion, but it smells ABSOLUTELY incredible! It’s SPF 30 so obviously it gives you protection from damaging sun rays.  It also has Aloe, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E to help moisturize and replenish your skin. I would definitely purchase this cream.  A daily sunscreen is essential for good skincare and I’m sold on the smell alone. Even though it is a little thicker it goes on really well and feels great.  This retails for $39.99 for 1.7 oz on Amazon.

                The Cellulite Whisper Gel is a pink almost gel like lotion. It smells like yummy grapefruit, which would make sense because it has Organic Gotu Kola, Grapefruit & Caffeine.  It is supposed to help the appearance of cellulite. I can’t speak to how this product works as I think it would take some time to really notice a difference, but if you are looking for a product to try and reduce the appearance of cellulite this one smells excellent! It retails for $39.00 for 8oz on Amazon.

   The collagen mask is a really thick white heavy lotion.  It’s a mask so it’s definitely heavier than a lotion.  It has Collagen, Cucumber, Aloe, Vitamin E, and French White Clay in it.  The Clay is supposed to exfoliate and the mask is supposed to revive and rejuvenate your skin. I really don’t like the feel of face products with clay in it, so while this is not my cup of tea it does seem like a well-made product.  It retails for $43.99 for 1.7oz on Amazon.

 The last “cream” is the Cellulite Whisperer Lotion. This is very similar to the gel and smells like yummy grapefruit too. You get all of the same benefits from the lotion as the gel.  This retails for $41 for 8oz.

                Now we move on to the Serums.  You receive 4 samples in the sampler pack. The first one is Gylocolic Salicylic (Have fun watching through me stumble through that one in the video review!) This is best for aging or oily skin. For aging you use it twice a week, for oily, acne prone skin you use it daily. It is supposed to exfoliate and minimize pores. It has kind of an antiseptic smell to it, which doesn’t bother me. I associate that smell with clean, but it’s definitely strong. This retails for $39.99 for .5oz

                The Collagen Serum/Peptide Rich is supposed to reduce wrinkles and moisturize your skin. It doesn’t have a very distinctive scent to me at all. It’s supposed to help your skin look smoother and healthier.  It retails for $42.99 for .5oz on Amazon.

                The Luxurious Facial Oil is supposed to nourish your skin with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  It doesn’t have a very strong scent, but I’m not a fan of the scent it does have.  I also don’t like putting oils on my face so this would not be a go to product for me.  This retails for $24.49 for .5oz on Amazon.

                Last, but not least we have the Hyaluronic Serum (Yep, can’t say that one either!) This is supposed to be great for skin firmness, moisture, and elasticity.  I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Hyaluronic Serums lately so I’m hoping to see some good results with this! This doesn’t seem to have much of a scent either. This retails for $38.99 for .5 oz on Amazon.

                My overall impressions are these are well made products and I will definitely be purchasing that Vitamin C Cream with SPF 30 again.  Did I mention I love the way it smells?  I’m excited to try the collagen products and hope for some results in reducing the appearance of cellulite, either way I’m going to smell fantastic!

                If you would like you can watch my youtube video here:  Sublime Beauty Sampler Pack Un-boxing and Review You can see what each cream and serum looks like, and you get to watch me try to pronounce some of these words! What is your must have skincare item? Have you tried Hyarulonic Serums and have they worked well for you??

            **I received these products for free from Sublime Beauty, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you Sublime Beauty for sponsoring this post!

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