Monday, May 18, 2015

Mail call! New products in this week!

I've gotten a lot of great new products to try lately, and I'd like to share some of them with you guys! Reviewing products is great, but I assure you I will always give you my honest opinion. If a product doesn't meet my standards, you probably won't ever hear about it from me. So without further ado let's get down to it!

I2 ArmBand

            music really pumps me up and is a must for a good work out. I tend to use my phone for my workouts, all of my music is on my phone and I ALWAYS know where my phone is. The problem I was running into was where to put my phone. I didn't have pockets and I can't count the number of times my phone dropped out of my hoodie while working out.  So what's a girl to do??? Enter the armband from i2. I wasn't sure how I was going to like this. I wasn't sure how it would fit on my arm, If it would stay put, and if it would get in the way of my workout.
-It stayed put throughout my workout, I put it on and that was it.
-The little key pocket. I finally have a place to put my locker key that doesn't involve shoving it in my sports bra. Hey, no judgement. . A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
- The quality of the product is great so far.

  - It's not one size fits all, so a new phone would mean a new arm band. I think they're a little more versatile than advertised as this one is advertised for the Samsung S6, but works for my S5, and my husband's S3.

 Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this product! I can see myself using it for work outs and while cleaning around the house.  It also comes in pink and it’s really affordable!  
You can check it out on Amazon here: I2 Armband

Yorkshire-Mayfair 700 Thread count pillowcases

 -In the interest of total transparency I have to admit I know little to nothing about premium bedding. My favorite sheets are a pair I got at Target on Black Friday. They're a flannel or something like that and I'm pretty sure thread count isn't a thing for these types of sheets. I wasn’t sure I would even notice a difference from my regular pillow cases.
The Yorkshire-Mayfair in baby blue

 -These pillow cases have ruined me. I sincerely hope these last a long time, because I’m not sure I can go back to regular old pillowcases.  They are incredibly soft and feel like heaven!  I was really not expecting them to be so soft and for there to be such a difference!
-These are machine washable, which is a big plus for me because I hate dry cleaning! These seem to be really well made, with no stitching or seam issues, so I’m happy with the quality as well.  If you’re a big fan of bedding with a high thread count, or even want to try your first set, check these out at:Yorkshire-Mayfair 700 Thread Count Pillow cases

Universal Periscope Spy Lens for ALL Smartphones Cameras

A periscope for your cell phone??  It sounds kind of silly, but it was just silly enough to get my attention and peak my interest.  I wasn't sure how this would translate into a cell phone accessory, but it’s actually pretty cool.

-You get the little piece pictured to the right, and you use little magnets to attach it to your phone, right over your camera on the back and you it rotates 360 degrees so you can take all kinds of angles, that you would never get with a regular cell phone.

It comes in a little square cube and some extra magnets, which is a huge plus to me.  I hate when you get a product that relies on a small piece to work, you lose that piece and the whole product is now useless. I think the magnets are the only real drawback to this product.  You HAVE to make sure the magnet is attached securely to your phone and you give the adhesive time to stick or it will come right off when you take the periscope off and the magnet won’t stick the same.  Thankfully you get plenty of extra magnets!! And I like that the square cube is pretty sturdy, I can store the periscope piece in there when I’m not using it so I don’t lose it!

Check out my youtube video to see how this works:Periscope Lens

 Over all at $11.99 it may not be the cell phone accessory for everyone, but for someone who takes A LOT of pictures on their phone and wants to be able to switch up the angles this would be a relatively inexpensive way to do that!

What do you think of this week’s products?  Any must haves for you in the bunch? 

I received all of these products for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review!

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