Thursday, May 7, 2015

Comfy Nest Memory Foam Bathmat

We are currently renting our house, which means I’m stuck with the not so awesome colors the owner chose for certain rooms. One of those rooms is the bathroom; it is painted a weird colored green.  It’s too light to be forest green, but too dark to be a mossy green.  It’s just a weird color okay?  This has made finding accessories for the bathroom a bit of a challenge for me.  After months I finally decided to just stick with brown and off white, because they complement the green and there was no way I was going to be able to match this shade of green.

     Now that you understand the struggle that is coordinating my bathroom, you may understand why I was given the opportunity to receive and review the Comfy Nest Memory Foam Bath Mat.  Seriously, I was most excited because it’s brown and matches my existed color scheme and who doesn’t like nice things? I’ve never own a memory foam bathmat, as they have always been a little out of my price range.  Unfortunately, I have now been spoiled by this bathmat and will definitely spend the extra for memory foam in the future!

          This mat is 17x24 and since I don’t have an overly large bathroom that’s a good size for me.  It fits right in front of the bathtub, and it’s big enough for a child or an adult to stand on.  It’s slip resistant on the bottom, so regardless of how wet the floor may get you don’t have to worry about the mat moving and creating a hazardous situation.  Not only that, it is super absorbent, so if you have a kiddo like mine who gets more water outside of the bathtub than in, no need to worry this bathmat will soak up a lot of that excess water. It’s a little squishy feeling when it’s wet, but it dries really fast.

          Overall this is a well-made product and the memory foam feels fantastic underneath your feet.  I’m considering buying one for by the kitchen sink and my bathroom where I stand and do my makeup.

          This mat retails for $19.99 on right now and can be purchased here:  Comfy Nest Bathmat  Feel free to check out my fancy YouTube video.  I am currently working on improving my video and editing skills, so expect to see a lot of video’s coming your way! Fancy Bathmat YouTube Video

          Have you ever owned a memory foam bathmat?  Were you as pleased with yours as I am mine, or am I biased because it matches my color scheme??


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