Saturday, May 30, 2015

Savvy Baby Bandana Bib's review...and the cutest baby ever!!!

                I admit it; I’m a sucker for baby stuff. Unfortunately for me my “baby” is now 9 years old and she’s a total tomboy so I don’t even get the joy of getting her fabulous and cute girly clothes.  So, I’ve just had to learn to live vicariously through my friends and their babies!

                 So baby bandanna bib’s seem to be all the rage lately, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a set of these Savvy Baby Bibs! The pack I got is sold on Amazon for $19.99 for a set of four, AND you get a free pacifier clip (you can use it for teething rings too if you’re a pacifier free zone!)

                Can we just talk about how stinkin’ cute these are for a second??  There’s 4 different designs and I honestly can’t decide which one is my favorite. There’s a black with white polka dots, a red chevron, a yellow triangle pattern, and a gray with arrows pattern.  Ok,  I lied the black with polka dots is definitely my favorite, I love polka dots!
Is this not an adorable baby???

  I’m sure I’m not the only one who hesitates to buy items like this online; you can’t always be certain of the quality online and as parents we all want to make sure we are getting a quality product.  I hate baby bib’s that are all stiff and scratchy, so this was definitely a concern for me.  My concerns have definitely been laid to rest! I was seriously wowed by the quality of these. I received another set of bandana bib’s that I had ordered the day after these, and there is no comparison.  These bib’s are softer and the fabric is obviously a better quality.  The other set of bib’s had several stitching issues and I had to take a pair of scissors to each one to cut off loose string.  Here’s the worst part, the other bib’s were MORE money and didn’t include a free pacifier clip.

     If you’re in need of a baby present, I definitely recommend getting a set of these.  You can purchase them here: Savvy Baby Bandana Bib's

    What do you think of the baby bandana bib?  Is this a fad or do you think this baby big design is just getting started??

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest. unbiased opinion and all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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