Thursday, May 21, 2015

Makeup Brushes for the Financially Challenged- UPDATE 05/31

              I've always loved makeup, but for years I felt so intimidated by all of the different choices and options out there, that I kind of stuck to a very basic routine and my makeup was always pretty “meh.” Well, about 6 months ago a friend posted a picture online and she looked absolutely stunning. Now, I’m not saying she isn't beautiful as is, but I also know she wasn't born looking flawless. She suggested I start looking up tutorials on YouTube, and oh man was that the best advice she could have given me. I have learned so much in the past few months, and I feel like I've definitely stepped up my makeup game. I've gotten a ton of compliments and even my husband has noticed!

                  I've tried a few high end makeup products, and I definitely think there are some products out there that are well worth their high end price tag, I can’t spend $100’s of dollars on makeup. That’s just not me. While I definitely don’t mind splurging every once in a while, I've done a little research to figure out what products I can get at a much lower price point and still get great results. I've decided to go ahead and break this up into multiple posts, starting with brushes! I think people that are unfamiliar with makeup tend to underestimate the importance of having the right brushes to apply your makeup. I could go on and on about tools all day long, but we’re going to stick with the basics for today.
  -A beauty sponge is a must have. Beauty sponges are amazing for applying your foundation. Beauty sponges really help blend your foundation in and you end up with a beautiful application. I've used
two different beauty sponges, a $4.xx pink one from CVS (look by the beauty tools) and the $5.xx Real Techniques beauty blender. You can purchase this on Amazon, and most Wal-Marts have them, but they fly off the shelves so you have to be quick! I actually prefer the pink one from CVS, I feel like I get better coverage, and it’s not as spongy so I feel like you use less product.

- My brush collection has quadrupled in the past 2 months…part of that is due to the fact that I owned very few makeup brushes before then! I had one Sephora concealer brush, and a faux MAC brush set off of Ebay…..worst decision EVER by the way. There are so many good quality brushes out there at an affordable price point. I’m just going to do a run through of the different brushes I use the most, the brand and the price.

             -E.L.F Small Stipple Brush: This stipple brush is amazing for blending. This is my go to brush for blending in my contouring. If you contour this brush is a MUST have! It really helps blend for a more natural contour look. This brush is $3.00 and is in the black brushes studio line.

             -E.L.F Eye Essential Shadow Brush: This is one of the $1 white brushes and I really like it. I used this brush to apply my base shadow and to my brow bone and it works really well for me.                  
Top Left, E.LF Stipple Brush, Top Right, Eye Essentials Shadow Brush
Bottom Left, E.LF contour Brush, Bottom Right, E.L.F Small Tapered Brush
   -E.L.F Contour Brush: I use this to actually contour my nose. When you’re contouring your nose you need to have a brush that’s good at keeping the contour color exactly where you need it ,and this has been my favorite brush for that. This is one of the $3 brushes in the studio line.

   - E.L.F Small Tapered Brush: This is one of my favorite brushes for contouring my cheeks and my face. I think it would work really well for highlighting as well. I have the $1 bronzing brush that I was using for contouring at first, and this brush definitely works far better. This is another $3 brush from the studio line.

          The next three brushes were all bought in a set at Wal-Mart for $12.98.
Pointed Foundation, Contour Brush, and Buffing Brush

         - Real Techniques Contour Brush: This is really similar to the small tapered brush from E.L.F. It’s a little thicker than the E.L.F brush so you’re going to get a little more coverage for a more dramatic contour with this brush.
         - Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush: I actually use this as a blender for my eye shadow, because it works really well for me for that. I was also using it for contour before I got the E.L.F. brushes and it worked well for that too.

     - Real Techniques Buffing Brush: This brush is perfect for blush. I actually think I’ll end up buying another one, because I love using it to apply my blush and then to use it to really blend the look of my blush and contour, which means I have to clean it in between the blush and blending and that’s just a pain for me.

          Last but not least, is the EcoTools Mattifying Finish Brush. I use this with my E.L.F HD finishing powder to finish off my look. You have to be careful with a finishing powder like that so you don’t end up looking pasty, but this brush applies the powder really evenly and I don’t have to worry about looking like Casper. I believe this brush is about $7.99

Ok, I had to update this post! This past week I got a new makeup brush and it definitely needs to be added to this list!  I got the Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush by Malika
Jafrin.  This brush is $10.97 right now and it's amazing!  I've used it for my foundation and powder application and I've been impressed with how the brush works with both.  I also love it for my bronzer too! I had never heard of Malika Jafrin before so I didn’t really have any expectations, but wow I’m definitely a fan now!  The brush is super soft and it’s definitely a quality product.  I haven’t had any issues with shedding either. So if you’re in the market for a great Kabuki brush and an even better price, check out the Malika Jafrin Kabuki Brush!

 I’m still very much learning and I’m definitely lacking in the eye shadow brush department but these brushes have done wonders for my makeup application! Do you have any recommendations on inexpensive makeup brushes that are great quality? Let me know in the comments which brushes should be my next purchase!

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