Friday, July 24, 2015

My new favorite quick and easy meal- Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza!!

I'm a full-time working mom and let's face it, sometimes getting dinner on the table can be a struggle, even for the most prepared parent out there.  And sometimes you just want a quick and easy dinner. 

 I was given the opportunity to try the new brick oven pizza by Red Baron through BzzAgent and wow, am I glad I was!  Let's face it, what's quicker and easier than a frozen pizza???  The biggest struggle is getting my family all to agree on one brand.  I like a thick crust, my husband and daughter don't.  Red Baron's new brick oven pizza seems to have solved that problem for us.  My husband and daughter will actually eat the crust on this pizza, how awesome is that??

The new brick oven pizza comes in Pepperoni, Meat Trio, Cheese Trio, and Sausage Supreme.  Meat trio is mine and my husband's favorite, but my daughter prefers the Pepperoni.  The great thing about these pizza's is there's plenty of toppings on the pizza.

You can find out more about Red Baron's new brick oven pizza and all of their other wonderful products at their website

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Firefly Chalkboard Labels- Perfect for organization and labeling!

I absolutely love organization and labeling and my new favorite “tool” is chalkboard labels!  I was given the opportunity to review the Firefly Chalkboard labels and I absolutely love them!
Firefly Chalkboard Labels

                These labels are so cute; they come in a pack of 60. There are four different designs, and you get 10 of the two smaller designs, and 20 each of the two larger designs. You can use chalk to write on the labels, but I personally prefer using chalkboard markers.    I’ve seen a lot of different chalkboard labels, but this is definitely a unique design. 

                 There are so many different uses for these labels.  I make homemade jam and jelly and these are perfect for labeling those jars.  I also like to use them to label leftovers and lunches, this definitely helps keep my refrigerator a little cleaner and more organized!

                  I've gotten different types of chalkboard labels and a lot of them claim to be re-usable, but once you remove them they never seem to stick quite the same.  I've been using these for a few weeks now, and I've been able to re-use them several times without losing their stickiness.

                I could go on and on about how great these labels are, but you can watch my video and see them in action for yourself.

                These can be purchased here:  Firefly Chalkboard Label  For $12.99, which is a great price for these labels! 

Lemon Essential Oil and why it's so great!

    So, I have to admit I haven't been in a huge fan of the essential oil craze...BUT there are a few out there are worth having around.

     I was recently given the opportunity to test 2 Lift Care Lemon Essential Oils, and lemon is one of my absolutely favorite scents!  I've gotten a few essential oils that just smell gross and like chemicals and just not good.  This stuff smells amazing! When I first got it I put a little on my hands and my hands smelled like an actual lemon all day.

    So why is lemon essential oil so great??  It has a million practical uses.  I'm not big into aromatherapy, so while I know it has a lot of good uses for that, that's not really what I use it for. Below are some great practical uses for Essential Oils.

    - My number one favorite use for lemon essential oil is in homemade soaps and candles.  As I said, I love the smell of lemon and my husband hates artificial scents and this smells so much like real lemons that he doesn't mind.

   -Disinfectant.  Lemon oil is a great disinfectant to keep your kitchen and bathroom germ free and clean!  Just add some oil, water, and a little vinegar and you have a great disinfectant.  You can also add green tea tree oil if you like.

  -Laundry. I leave laundry sitting in the washer more than I would like to admit, a few drops of this and re-cycle the load and your clothes will smell amazing!

There are a TON of other great uses, but these are my favorite uses.  When buying an essential oil you need to ensure you are buying a pure essential oil, which is why I recommend 2 Lift Care Essential Oils.  Not only is this a pure essential oil, but it's relatively affordable. You can purchase a 4 oz bottle on Amazon here: 2 Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil for $12.95.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Yummy Yummy, Nutrabear Gummies in my tummy!

A few months back I went for a regular check up at the doctor’s office and found out I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. It turns out this can really make you feel like crap and it’s essential for your health and well-being you have the proper levels of vitamin D in your body. I had to take these disgusting wafers every week for about 3 months straight, because apparently you can only get 50,000 mg of Vitamin D3 in those wafers. After the three months I was allowed to go down to a much more reasonable 50,000 IU a month. This is essentially 1600 IU of Vitamin D3 a day. I found that by taking the vitamin D daily, rather than weekly I felt much better.

 What’s the point of all of this? I’ve literally found the yummiest way possible to get the vitamin D3 I need! Nutrabear has come out with a Vitamin D2 gummy and each gummy has 800 IU, which means three a day gets me the IU I need. The recommended does is 1-2 a day, but I checked with my doctor and I’m totally good taking the three a day. Here’s the thing…I’ve tried a ton of gummy vitamins because they are way more fun to take than pills, but they always disappoint me. They get hard and they just don’t taste great, so I didn’t have the highest hopes for these. O.M.G. These gummies are amazing! They are not your typical rubbery gummy texture, I wish I could send you all a gummy so you could see exactly what I mean, but these have a less rubbery texture and they taste delicious! They’re cherry and peach flavored and I’m pretty sure if it wouldn’t make me sick I would eat them all at once!

 Both kids and adults can take these, and it’s never a bad idea to ensure your kiddos are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D now! Seriously, I fully recommend that everyone take a daily Vitamin D3 supplement. The health benefits are amazing, and you will be amazed the difference this small vitamin makes in your daily well- being. And you might as well make it yummy and get yourself some Nutrabear Gummies!

 They can be purchased here and they are relatively inexpensive at $9.99 for I did receive these for free for testing and reviewing purposes, but they have seriously made a customer for life out of me! Have you ever tried a gummy vitamin before? What did you think?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adovia Pure Naturals Lavender Essential Oil...or yay I finally get to have a pretty smelling house!

So my husband has always had a sensitivity to fragrances; he gets cluster migraines from most scents so I've just always stayed away from scents and fragrances....because have you ever dealt with a grown man with a migraine??  It's not pleasant.  

This literally means no perfumes, no air fresheners, nothing. I'd be lying if I said I've never tried to sneak in a scent or two but it's like he has a radar...he can smell an unlit scented candle from the driveway! So to be totally honest, when this whole essential oil thing kicked off I didn't even pay attention for the longest time.  Yea, yea, essential oils....just one more thing I can't use!

Well, then I was given the opportunity to try out Adovia's Pure Naturals Lavender Essential Oil. I wasn't totally sure what to do with it, but it turns out this product has a TON of great uses!  I currently use it in my diffuser and if I use just a few drops I can get away with it, without my husband freaking out about the scent.  Of course if you want a stronger scent, you can always add a few more drops.  

This is also great to add to homemade candles and soaps.  I'm waiting for my new soap kit to show up and I can't wait to get some yummy smelling candles I can burn without my husband complaining!

I think the reason this doesn't seem to bother him is because this oil is all natural and doesn't have a bunch of artificial scents as that seems to be what triggers his headaches.  

This bottle is 4 ounces and it comes with the dropper.  You can purchase it on Amazon here: Lavender Oil.  It's currently $14.99, which is an amazing price for a bottle of this size!!!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm growing a garden and a giveaway for!

                A few months ago my husband was raving about this website he found that helps you plan a garden and to be totally honest I kind of blew him off.  We’ve always talked about starting a garden, we finally have the space for one, but to be completely honest I had no idea where to even start.   There are so many different things that go into planning AND planting a garden; what are you going to plant, when can you plant it, when will it harvest….this can all be very overwhelming for someone who’s never successfully managed to transition one of those little “grown an herb in a cup” into a full size plant.

                Fast forward to the beginning of June and I was actually given the opportunity to get full access to the very same website my husband had been raving about just a few months ago.  Well, how could this not be fate right?? What’s this wonderful site you ask??  It’s and not only is it a website, but there are apps for Android or Apple.
                So what’s so great about this site? It’s perfect for someone like me who literally wants to run and hide even thinking about all of the many factors in starting a garden.  You can pull up a list of plants and it will run down for you when these plants can be planted indoors, when they can be planted outdoors, and when the harvest time is. That’s just the beginning.

                This program (because really, it’s so much more than a website) will literally help you plan out your garden to the exact specifics of the space YOU have.  My husband has apparently decided we are going to turn half of our yard into a garden, but with a little help from GrowVeg, I was able to scale this down to a more reasonable space for beginners like us.  When we decide we are ready to expand, GrowVeg will be right there to help us do it.

                Not only that, but they actually have links that will take you directly to where you can buy the seeds for your plants. I personally love this because it makes it so much easier to just get what you need.  Whenever I’m looking at the seeds at the store I want to buy it ALL and this will definitely help me resist that temptation.

                So do you want to know the best part of ALL of this??  Not only was I given the amazing opportunity to use this website for free for the next year, but one of you lucky peeps will get that opportunity as well!  Here’s the deal, I’m going to make this super easy and if you’d like to be entered to win, leave a comment below of what you would plant in your garden and you’ll be entered to win!  I’m also going to have ways for you to secure additional entries through Rafflecopter if you’d like, but the only mandatory entry is the blog comment.   In the meantime; head on over to and sign up for their FREE 30 day trial. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway *I was given the opportunity to test and review this site for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Friday, July 3, 2015

My favorite work shoes have been resurrected or why Syono Gel Insoles are the best ever!

    I often work 9-10 hour shifts, 5 days a week and a lot of this time is spent on my feet. I got in the habit of wearing heels to work when I was young and dumb and now I literally do not feel right if I don’t have heels on. This is NOT pleasant for my feet. In fact, I’m pretty sure my feet hate me and would defect if they could. I am constantly on the search for “comfortable” heels and well, this is kind of an oxymoron. I bought a pair of shoes off of Amazon for super cheap a few months ago and when I got them I literally thought I was in heaven. They looked amazing and felt great, and I was so excited I immediately bought a backup pair. Fast forward a few weeks and my heavenly shoes had turned into a nightmare. The backup pair is actually in the box unopened because I wasn’t going to put my feet through that anymore. I had to go out and buy a much more expensive pair, which have done a fabulous job. But man, what a waste on those other shoes right??

    So when I was given the opportunity to try a pair of insoles from Syono it was like a little light bulb went off in my head. Like maybe if I use these insoles, I can wear my pretty shoes again! When I got the insoles it actually took me a few days to work up the nerve to cut them down to size because I was worried I would screw it up and ruin the insoles. There are guides on the back and as long as you follow those and trim them down slowly you’ll be fine. These are pretty versatile and work in most types of shoes. I took a picture of the soles before I put them in the shoe and once they were in the shoe.

 So how do they work?? Pretty darn fantastic! Unfortunately I think I stretched out the first pair on the sides walking on them weird to relieve the pain, so I stuck them in the 2nd pair and they feel fantastic. It’s been about two weeks and I haven’t started to feel like I’m slowly torturing my feet to death, so it’s a huge improvement on the shoes without the insoles! These insoles are relatively inexpensive. They’re currently $19.95 on Amazon and can be purchased through  I’m amazed at the difference these little rubber insoles have made on my feet!

 Have you ever used insoles? What were the results?

*I received these insoles in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A must have accessory for working out....or great to use when doing work around the house!

       I've been using an armband for awhile now....and let's face it it rarely sees the gym.  I mostly use it for when I'm doing housework or even working on the computer.  All of my favorite songs are on my phone, so that's how I listen to music all the time.

       The armband I was using was made for the Samsung S6, and I actually have an S5.  They're similar enough that I could get away with using it, but when I found out there was a version specifically made for the S5 I was totally on board to see if it would work better and while both products are great, I'm so glad I got this new one. The case fits my phone perfectly, so it's a little easier to navigate the phone when it's in the case!

      Regardless of what phone you have, if you are looking for an armband, then you can't go wrong with this brand!  Both of mine are from Cost Brothers, which you can buy through Amazon here: S5 Armband. Right now you can get this one for $7.99, which is an awesome price!

    If you have a little more motivation than I do an actually make it to the gym more than once a month this armband is awesome because it actually has a little key holder so you can lock your locker at the gym and keep the key on you!

  Both my husband and I can use this armband, so it will work for a variety of arm sizes.  Even my 9 year old has been able to use it, and she's got little toothpick arms!

   Overall, I'm incredibly happy with this armband and I'm glade I was given the opportunity to try out this armband from Cost Brothers and given my honest, unbiased review!