Friday, July 24, 2015

My new favorite quick and easy meal- Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza!!

I'm a full-time working mom and let's face it, sometimes getting dinner on the table can be a struggle, even for the most prepared parent out there.  And sometimes you just want a quick and easy dinner. 

 I was given the opportunity to try the new brick oven pizza by Red Baron through BzzAgent and wow, am I glad I was!  Let's face it, what's quicker and easier than a frozen pizza???  The biggest struggle is getting my family all to agree on one brand.  I like a thick crust, my husband and daughter don't.  Red Baron's new brick oven pizza seems to have solved that problem for us.  My husband and daughter will actually eat the crust on this pizza, how awesome is that??

The new brick oven pizza comes in Pepperoni, Meat Trio, Cheese Trio, and Sausage Supreme.  Meat trio is mine and my husband's favorite, but my daughter prefers the Pepperoni.  The great thing about these pizza's is there's plenty of toppings on the pizza.

You can find out more about Red Baron's new brick oven pizza and all of their other wonderful products at their website

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