Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lemon Essential Oil and why it's so great!

    So, I have to admit I haven't been in a huge fan of the essential oil craze...BUT there are a few out there are worth having around.

     I was recently given the opportunity to test 2 Lift Care Lemon Essential Oils, and lemon is one of my absolutely favorite scents!  I've gotten a few essential oils that just smell gross and like chemicals and just not good.  This stuff smells amazing! When I first got it I put a little on my hands and my hands smelled like an actual lemon all day.

    So why is lemon essential oil so great??  It has a million practical uses.  I'm not big into aromatherapy, so while I know it has a lot of good uses for that, that's not really what I use it for. Below are some great practical uses for Essential Oils.

    - My number one favorite use for lemon essential oil is in homemade soaps and candles.  As I said, I love the smell of lemon and my husband hates artificial scents and this smells so much like real lemons that he doesn't mind.

   -Disinfectant.  Lemon oil is a great disinfectant to keep your kitchen and bathroom germ free and clean!  Just add some oil, water, and a little vinegar and you have a great disinfectant.  You can also add green tea tree oil if you like.

  -Laundry. I leave laundry sitting in the washer more than I would like to admit, a few drops of this and re-cycle the load and your clothes will smell amazing!

There are a TON of other great uses, but these are my favorite uses.  When buying an essential oil you need to ensure you are buying a pure essential oil, which is why I recommend 2 Lift Care Essential Oils.  Not only is this a pure essential oil, but it's relatively affordable. You can purchase a 4 oz bottle on Amazon here: 2 Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil for $12.95.

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