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Review: Wait for the Rain by Maria Murnane

Daphne White is staring down the barrel of forty—and is distraught at what she sees. Her ex-husband is getting remarried,her teenage daughter hardly needs her anymore, and the career she once dreamed about has somehow slipped from her grasp. She’s almost lost sight of the spirited and optimistic young woman she used to be.

As she heads off to a Caribbean island to mark the new decade with her best friends from college, Daphne’s in anything but the mood to celebrate. But when she meets Clay Hanson, a much younger man, she
ignores her inner voice warning her that she’s too old for a fling. In fact, this tropical getaway might be the perfect opportunity to picture her future in a new sun-drenched light.  With the help of her friends, Daphne rediscovers her enthusiasm for life, as well as her love for herself—and realizes that her best years are still ahead.

I've been a fan of Maria Murnane’s books for quite a while now, so
when I heard she had a new book I couldn't wait to read it.  I've really connected with characters in her previous books and I had high hopes for this book as well.

Daphne White is the main character of this book; she recently
finalized her divorce, her ex-husband is getting remarried, and she’s on the verge of turning 40. I have never been divorced and 40 still seems awfully far for me, so I wasn't sure how I would be
able to relate to her character. I think it’s a true testament to an author’s talent and writing ability when you can make that connection with a character whose life experiences vary so different from your own, and I was able to make that connection with Daphne. 

The book centers on Daphne’s island getaway, with her college besties, KC and Skylar. KC and Skylar are great! I can only hope that when I reach the big 4-0, I’m surrounded by friends as great as these two and have sustained the same connection these ladies have. All three ladies have very unique personalities and throughout the book it’s amazing to see such a strong connection after 20 years and highlights the importance of strong friendships.

I don’t want to give too much about the book away, but it was a great read that really got me thinking. I think we spend most of our lives on a certain track and what do we do when our life is derailed?? This is essentially what Daphne has to figure out.  She has centered her entire life on her marriage and being a good wife and mother, and now she has to come to terms with a whole new life as a divorcee. I think a lot of women can relate to this. It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day life of being a mother and a wife and you forget to make time for yourself.  It’s very easy to feel as if you have lost your own personal identity.

***Spoiler Alert***

What I absolutely loved about this book is that the focal point of
this book was Daphne’s relationship with her friends, NOT some island fling.  The author could have made the obvious choice of letting Daphne and Clay fall in love and live happily ever after, but I think we've all read that book a hundred times.  In the first few chapters it was a little frustrating that Daphne wasn't letting her friends in, but it was actually really touching when she finally breaks down, and seemed like a cathartic release.  Ok….I’ll admit it, when Daphne breaks down I totally cried. Anytime a book can bring me to tears, you know the author is doing something right!

I recommend this book not just to divorcees, but any mom out there. I think we all need a reminder sometimes that we are more than just moms and wives, and we need to cherish and nurture our relationships with our friends as well!

 I received this book for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. :)

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