Thursday, January 14, 2016

My favorite new baby gift!!!

I have a friend who's getting ready to have her first baby and anyone who has ever had a child knows how important it is to record those first milestones and holidays and when I saw these stickers I couldn't resist the opportunity to get them for her!

There are 24 stickers total. The first 12 stickers are for the first 12 months. Each sticker has the month and an adorable baby animal. They're totally unisex so they will be perfect for a boy or a girl! I'm absolutely in love with how adorable each animal is, but I have to say I'm pretty sure the fox is my favorite!

The next 12 stickers are all for baby's first Holidays. All of the major holidays are included and then there is a coming soon, and a sticker for a boy and one for a girl. Each sticker is unique and absolutely adorable. These work great for sticking on a onesie or even a cute little sign to photograph your baby with. 

This is a really great way to remember all of those baby milestones and makes a great baby shower present. You can purchase a set of these for just $13.50 through Amazon here: Kiddo Art Baby Stickers

 I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear Melinda, Thank you for fabulous wall art that doesn't look like my pre-schooler made it!

I can't count the number of times I've seen some super cute wall art on Pinterest and been like "Omg! I can totally do that..and $30 later and a whole lot of frustration I have the equivalent of a preschoolers take home art project.  While I may have many talents, apparently putting together decent wall art and decor is NOT one of them.

The XO Design, perfect for my bedroom!
So enter Miss Melinda Wood.  Melinda owns a fabulous shop on Etsy, which you can find here:Melinda Wood Designs.  Melissa has hundreds of fabulous wall art designs and they're all affordable at around $5 per piece of art.  She just had a fabulous Black Friday sale in which all of her designs were 70% off.  That's less than $2 per piece of wall art.

She has a huge variety of designs, so there is literally something for everyone.  My personal favorite is the Love design.  All of her designs are printable, so you just print them out and pop them in a cute frame, and tada! You have beautiful wall art that hasn't stressed you out, made you feel like a failure, (thank you for that Pinterest!) and really adds to the overall look of your home.  
My favorite! Love!

The moral of today's post is the next time you see that super cute wall art you can totally do yourself, save yourself some money and spare the heart break of another failed Pinterest project and head over to Melinda Wood Designs.

I received samples of Melinda's wall art for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own honest, unbiased opinion.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I now own the Cadillac of Fans...a complete overview of the Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan

Ozeri 42 inch Ultra Wind Fan
My husband loves sleeping with a fan on; I’m not sure if it’s the white noise or the air blowing on him but he’s a bit of a baby when he doesn’t have a fan and our fan recently broke so I’ve been on the lookout for a new one for him.   I am NOT a huge fan of box fans and I honestly think most fans are a big eye sore that I would rather not have in my house. 

So, I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to test the Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan courtesy of the fine folks at Moderna Housewares. The fan actually showed up as I was leaving for work one day and it killed me to not be able to open it right away, but you can bet it was the first thing I did when I got home that night!  The only assembly required for this fan is the base and putting batteries in the remote.  It was really easy to put together and I had it put together and ready to go in no time.

My absolutely favorite feature of this fan is that it has a remote.  Yes, my fan now has its very own remote. Not only that, but it has ALL of the functions so you can control it from across the room just as if you were standing in front of the fan.  While I love the remote I’m also really glad that it has all of the functions on the fan itself because I imagine at some point my child will inevitably misplace this remote, as she does with every other remote in our house…..sometimes I think she does it just to mess with me.
Control Panel and
 Remote Control!
There are three different speed modes; low, medium, and high, which is pretty typical of a fan.  But this also has three different modes for breeze patterns.  The patterns are normal, nature, and sleep.  The sleep mode is great because the fan is significantly quieter in sleep mode, which is great for people like me and my husband.  The noise of the fan can often be a distraction for me if it’s too loud so I like that it can be set to a quieter mode. 

Last but not least, this fan has a timer that you can set in hour increments up to 12 hours.  This is great as my husband gets up before me, so he can set the timer for 8 hours, it goes off when he gets up and I don’t have to freeze to death anymore.  I also discovered that if the lights on the LCD display bug you, you can hold down the mode button and it goes into a “moon” mode and all the lights go off except the moon. 

Please feel free to check out my YouTube video  to see this awesome fan in action: 

I am extremely impressed not only with the quality of this fan, but the functionality as well.  It’s a beautiful looking fan that doesn’t look like an ugly eyesore in my house and the different modes and functions make it easy to adjust to suit your personal needs. 

If you’d like to find out more about all of the wonderful products offered by Moderna Housewares you can check out their Facebook page: Ozeri and their Amazon storefront here: Moderna Housewares Amazon Storefront

I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fun and Customized a snap!

             I’ve always kept it pretty simple when it comes to wearing jewelry, but recently I’ve been looking to add to my collection. Nothing fancy, just a little costume jewelry. I always feel just a little bit better about myself when I wear earrings, so I’ve been looking to add some bracelets and other accessories to my very limited collection.

             I recently stumbled onto an amazing storefront called HelloCrafts on Amazon that specializes in, you guessed it, jewelry! I was able to get into contact with the store owner and after a little discussion; they promptly offered to send me a sample of their jewelry. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sample jewelry and it actually arrived on my birthday! How excellent is that timing? 
The side detailing of the bracelet.

              In the package I received one of their customizable snap bracelets, and a set of snap buttons. While I know snap jewelry has been around for a bit, I have never personally owned any so I was intrigued at the idea of trying it out. The bracelet is beautiful! The designs on the bracelet are just really pretty and they’re pretty intricate. This bracelet currently retails for $6.98 on Amazon and to be honest with the detail and quality put into the design I would expect a much higher price point. The clasp is actually magnetic, which makes it super easy to take on and off. I generally have to ask my husband to close the clasps on bracelets for me, but with this magnetic clasp I can do it myself.

              Now, let’s get to what makes this bracelet really special. The middle of the bracelet is actually a snap/button and you can buy several different snaps to place in the center to customize the bracelet to match your mood, your outfit, or pretty much anything you want. HelloCrafts has several different snap bundles you can purchase, but the one they sent me was a set of 6 and these snaps currently retails for $7.97 on Amazon. I can use each different snap to create a new look; so I really end up with 6 different bracelet options!

             These bracelets and snaps are a great way to customize a unique look to fit your personal style, and it’s really affordable. Not only that but they have an entire line of snap jewelry, including necklaces and earrings and the snaps work on all of the jewelry. So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to expand your jewelry collection go check out the HelloCrafts Storefront!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

JGOB Beauty Blender...My thoughts AND A CONTEST!!!!!

I’ve written about beauty blenders before as it is my preferred method for applying my foundation, but I had been using a cheap blender and I kind of assumed all beauty blenders were the same.  I had previously gotten like a 10 pack of blenders off of Amazon for super cheap and they seemed to work well enough, so I was happy.  Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the JGOB beauty blender and not only that, they were willing to let me give one away FREE to one of my readers so I said heck yes! Sign me up!
JGOB Beauty Blender

So when the JGOB blender arrived I decided to test it out.  It’s a completely different texture than the beauty blenders I was using.  It’s softer and spongier and feels completely different and since I was so used to my other blenders, I was kind of like Meh, it’s okay.  I’ve actually put off writing this post because I was a little underwhelmed with the product.

Fast forward to about a week ago and I was talking to a friend that’s a major makeup guru and we got to talking about beauty blenders. She happened to have hers with her and showed it to me and I noticed right away it was the same texture and the JGOB and I told her I wasn’t a fan.  It turns out I’ve been using this ALL wrong!  Now, I know you need to dampen the blender, but I was apparently not dampening it enough.  The other blenders I use don’t change size regardless of how little or how much water I use, but the JGOB one almost doubles in size when dampened properly. 

Once I actually used the JGOB blender properly I realized how amazing it is!  It really is a superior blender to the less expensive ones I own.  Right now this sponge is currently $11.97 on Amazon (You can see it here), which is almost half the price of the “original” beauty blender and my friend confirmed that the JGOB is very similar in quality and results to her “original” blender.   Oh, and the neatest part about this blender is the little carry case.  This is perfect for trips or when you have to take your makeup on the go.  I wouldn’t want to leave my beauty blender just hanging out in my makeup bag as I’m sure it would collect all kinds of fun stuff you don’t want putting on your face! This case keeps my blender clean and protected. Want to see how the JGOB blender in action? Check out my video:

So, on to the fun part.  One of my lucky readers will be the lucky recipient of their very own beauty blender.  Small disclaimer:  You will be given a code to redeem on Amazon and if you are not a member of Amazon Prime you will be responsible for shipping costs.

If you would like to enter to win, leave a comment below with your favorite Drugstore Foundation and why you love it.  It wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to my blog either!  This contest begin September 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm CST and will end September 30, 2015 at 9:00 pm CST.  Be sure to fill out your contact information when commenting so I can contact the winner!

I received this product for free from JGOB for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own and are in no way influenced by the company. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Finally! Salon Straight hair at home with the ISA Professional Straightener

I have naturally curly hair, which I love but I’ve always been jealous of those girls with amazing super straight hair.  I’ve used a ton of different straighteners and hair products, and can’t ever seem to get the same results.  When I was given the opportunity to test the ISA Professional Straightener I decided to give it a shot.  It’s price point is a little higher than straighteners I have owned so I was hoping for better results.

My hair BEFORE straightening (don't judge!)

OMG….I love love love this straightener!  Have I mentioned how much I love it?  It is worth every single penny, and I’ve learned that some things in life are worth paying extra for; apparently a hair straightener is one of them!
Did you know that the way you hold your straightener impacts how it works on your hair??  I never knew that!  The Isa Straightener is designed so you HAVE to hold it correctly and the difference is amazing.  Not only that, I’ve never been able to properly “curl” my hair with a straightener and it turns out I was holding it wrong and with the corrections made I’ve actually been able to curl my hair with the straightener and it not look awful!

My hair AFTER...isn't it so pretty??

You can set the temperature anywhere from 175 to 450.  My preferred setting is 430, but I have super thick curly hair, and I can get away with a much lower temperature on my daughter’s hair. 

I love the cord on this as well, it’s really long so it makes it a lot easier to use when straightening my daughter’s hair and even my own.  

  As you can see from my before and after pictures this straightener is the real deal!  You can purchase this straightener on Amazon Here.  I believe it currently retails for $145.00, but trust me when I say it is well worth it.  It also comes with a two year warranty!  Check out my video, and go get yourself a straightener that gets the job done!

I was provided this straightener for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let your little girl get her craft on with the Hot Focus Carry Case!

I'm a huge fan of crafts and DIY and my daughter ALWAYS wants to help! This is awesome and can make for some really great mommy/daughter time, but sometimes the crafts are a little challenging for her so I like to have her own little crafts for her to work on.

When I saw the Hot Focus Decorate Your Project Carry Case I knew this would be perfect for her!

How Freaking adorable is this case??  My daughter is really into drawing and she always has a million different pictures she's drawing and coloring so for me this carry case really serves a two fold purpose.  Not only does it come with a ton of cute stickers and fun tape for her to decorate it with and really make it her own; but it's a carry case that she can store all of her pictures in!

This is currently $5.99 on Amazon so it's extremely affordable and to be totally honest I may grab up a few more to get some early Christmas shopping done! This is a great craft project for little girls of any age, and it's really great quality at an affordable price.

I made a short video of the carry case so feel free to watch it if you want to get a closer look at this adorable little case! 

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.