Thursday, July 2, 2015

A must have accessory for working out....or great to use when doing work around the house!

       I've been using an armband for awhile now....and let's face it it rarely sees the gym.  I mostly use it for when I'm doing housework or even working on the computer.  All of my favorite songs are on my phone, so that's how I listen to music all the time.

       The armband I was using was made for the Samsung S6, and I actually have an S5.  They're similar enough that I could get away with using it, but when I found out there was a version specifically made for the S5 I was totally on board to see if it would work better and while both products are great, I'm so glad I got this new one. The case fits my phone perfectly, so it's a little easier to navigate the phone when it's in the case!

      Regardless of what phone you have, if you are looking for an armband, then you can't go wrong with this brand!  Both of mine are from Cost Brothers, which you can buy through Amazon here: S5 Armband. Right now you can get this one for $7.99, which is an awesome price!

    If you have a little more motivation than I do an actually make it to the gym more than once a month this armband is awesome because it actually has a little key holder so you can lock your locker at the gym and keep the key on you!

  Both my husband and I can use this armband, so it will work for a variety of arm sizes.  Even my 9 year old has been able to use it, and she's got little toothpick arms!

   Overall, I'm incredibly happy with this armband and I'm glade I was given the opportunity to try out this armband from Cost Brothers and given my honest, unbiased review!

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