Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's trendy in the views of a 9 year old....

I'd like to think that at 32 I'm still pretty young...but then I talk to my 9 year old daughter and it is CLEAR I have no idea what's considered cool or trendy to kids these days! So, my daughter has been kind enough to share some of the "coolest" things in her world today and I'm going to pass that info on to help other hopelessly uncool parents, like myself over the course of my next few posts! 

Headphones.....because apparently it has become tremendously cool to take pictures of yourself with big headphone on...or better yet walk around with said headphones on.  I'm not sure I get it, but I recently got her a pair of "DJ style" headphones and she wears them non-stop. 
I got her the above pictured Snug n Play Headphones in red and she absolutely loves them.  Not only do they apparently look super cool, but they work incredibly well too.  I think this style of headphones is incredibly in right now and it's nice to find an option that's reasonably priced so not only is she happy, but so is my bank account! These are currently $11.45 on Amazon, which is a very reasonable price for headphones like this.

Rockin out her headphones

They have a standard headphone jack, so they will work with virtually anything, from her kindle, my computer, to my phone.  I'm not kidding when I say she wears them non-stop....and I get a little peace and quiet so it's a win win.  I bought her a similar pair last Christmas and unfortunately they were not kid friendly and were broken within the week.  These definitely seem to be a little sturdier and kid friendly! 

I was lucky enough to receive these headphones for reviewing and testing purposes, but these are a solid winner and I definitely scored some "cool" points with my daughter! 

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