Monday, May 18, 2015

Dash Mate Product Review and Giveaway!!!!

                I’m so excited!!! I have ANOTHER giveaway for this week! I will be giving away a CJS Dash Mate 2015 courtesy of our friends at CJS Savings. What is a Dash Mate?? It’s this little guy: The Dash Mate is a cell phone holder that mounts to your dash using your air vents to hold it securely in place. It will hold securely any device up to 3.5 inches wide, which includes most cell phones out there today.

               I was a little skeptical when I got the Dash Mate. It is tiny. Like fit in your pocket, weighs an ounce tiny. No way was this little thing going to hold my phone securely….with an air vent no less! I have a Samsung S5, so it’s not a little phone, but somehow this thing totally works. I've been using the dash mount for the past two weeks and my phone has only fallen once and that was a user error. If you use the product correctly and make sure it is mounted correctly it stays very secure.

              Now, I don’t have any facts or statistics to back this up but a friend of mine that happens to be a cop once told me that having a permanent dash mount, or even the ring some mounts create on your window is like a big red X for would be thieves to break into your car. For this very reason I have never owned a dash mount, plus I think the big clunky ones that sit on the dash or attach to your windshield are kinda ugly. This is probably my favorite part about the dash mount. It leaves no trace; when you aren't using the dash mate it’s tiny enough to stick in your purse, your console, etc….

            We all know that talking or texting while driving is dangerous, but how many times have you been driving and your phone goes off and you look down to see who’s texting or calling you? I do it A.L.L the time and to be totally honest I never even thought about it, until I was able to stop doing it. We all know how dangerous it can be to take your eyes off the road when driving for even a second. I’m ashamed to admit that I’m a huge culprit of being a distracted driver. My phone goes off A LOT and I always have to look because what if it’s important right??? With the Dash Mate my phone is literally in front of my face without me having to take my eyes off the road. Or how often have you taken your eyes off the road to check on your kiddo in the back seat??  I can turn the camera on and be able to see exactly what my kiddo is doing in the back seat!

Check out my video to see the Dash Mate in action!  I apologize for the glare in advance!

     This product is really affordable at $9.95 and can be purchased here:

   So, if you would like the opportunity to win one of these little guys, please enter the giveaway below, I think you’ll love the Dash Mate as much as I do! And I would love to hear what you guys do to minimize your distractions when driving!

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I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.  CJS Savings has been kind enough to sponsor this post and allow me to do a giveaway for my readers.


  1. I think this sounds so cool! And would definitely be handy to have!

  2. This is quite handy! Thanks for the review! This would be perfect in my new car :)

  3. This is perfect for me. I need thiS. Great way tk keep yiu hands free

  4. It looks funny all by itself, but I can see how it would be great when put in place.

  5. haha! I was looking at this and wondering what the heck it was. I would also think that it wouldn't work just because of the way it looks. Your reasoning as to why you need a dash mount is very compelling! I think everyone looks down when their phone rings! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This looks neat! Hubs could use this :)

  7. This is such a great idea for so many reasons. When we get in the car, our phones typically go into a cup holder or stay in a pocket. It would be so much safer... and free up the cup holders... if we had this!