Monday, April 20, 2015

How cute are these??

I love how burning candles look.  They make a great addition to a centerpiece, or even on your mantle. But my husband has banned me from burning candles. Why you ask???  Because I have a really bad habit of leaving them burning....for hours. And hours.  So in an effort to prevent me from burning our house down he has asked that I not light candles.  So what's a girl to do??  Buy some flame less tea lights!

These tea lights are great!  You get 24 tea lights, which is an amazing deal.  They are so cute and there are so so many different uses for them. These would work great for decoration. You could use them in a centerpiece or on your mantel, and they're battery operated.  My daughter turned one on almost as soon as I opened them and she left it on all night, so I can guarantee they would last through any event you would use them for.

You can easily replace the battery should you need to, but they're supposed to last for 60 hours so unless you are using them continuously you won't need to replace them for quite some time.  I really like the glow these give off.  It's a really light glow, really true to the same glow you would get from a tiny tea light candle.  I've bought tea lights very similar to these at the dollar store, and half of them didn't work and the other half worked for a few hours, so these are definitely a superior quality to what you would get at the dollar store.

I was given the opportunity to receive this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review and I'm really pleased with this product.

You can purchase these tealights here:

My daughter is super obsessed with "helping" me make Youtube video's for products, so if you want to see my video about these tea lights you can see it here:

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