Sunday, April 19, 2015

Because who doesn't need more containers??

                I love storage containers.  I would buy new storage containers every time I walked into the store if I didn’t think my husband would kill me for it!  I’ve learned that sometimes it pays to spend a little more especially when it comes to storage containers.  When I use a container I want to make sure the lid is going to stay on and not pop off right away. This leads me to my newest review product:
                I was super excited to get these containers and they have not disappointed me.  You get 4 different containers and the best part is all of the containers have snaps on the lids to lock them in place.  Here’s the best part….they’re pretty much leak proof.  I *try* to bring my lunch to work whenever possible, and I always end up lugging two bags with me because I don’t want to chance throwing my lunch in my main bag and it leaking all over my stuff. This is a pain for me and I’d much rather be able to toss my lunch in my bag and go. I totally can with these.  Don’t believe me??  Check out my video! I apologize in advance for the shakiness, 9 year olds don’t make the best videographers but she loves to help!
You Tube Video Review

                Right now these are about $20 on Amazon, which is a great price for 4 containers of this quality.  While I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review I would gladly pay that amount for these containers.  

               I plan on using these for my lunches, what would you use these containers for??  

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