Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting a little help with my fashion woes from Stanzino

  Let’s talk fashion for a second.  I have to wear business clothes for work so I have a ton of super cute dress clothes; it’s my “casual” clothes I seem to be having an issue with lately.  I feel like I’m at that weird age where the juniors section makes me feel old and the misses section makes me feel like my mom.  There doesn't seem to be a good in between section for me to shop in!  My casual wardrobe currently consists of yoga pants, tank tops, and like 3 t-shirts, so I've been on the lookout for some casual shirts, and it’s always a plus if they can double up as work gear too. So, when I was given the opportunity to review a tunic from Stanzino I jumped at the chance!  I really like tunics and I think they look great for business or casual.

I ordered the ¾ length sleeve tunic in Gray in an X-Large.  I’m always nervous buying clothes online; it’s such a pain to return if it’s the wrong size or you don’t like it so I always check sizing charts when available.  This is the size recommended for me on their sizing chart and it’s pretty accurate. The color is spot on to the product picture.  I hate when you get an item and it’s not at all the color you thought you were getting!

I always check for imperfections when I buy new clothes, and I couldn't find any so I was pretty happy about that; no one likes a shabbily made product! The shirt fits a little tight across the chest, but not so tight that it would prevent me from wearing it.  It is a little on the sheer size, so a cami or tank top underneath is a must for me, no one wants to see my unmentionables! It’s also a little long in the back but that’s not uncommon for me because I’m only 5’2!

 Overall I’m pretty impressed with this shirt.  I think I would have to tuck the back in if I wore it for work as it would be longer than my suit jacket, but I can definitely see myself wearing this out for a night with friends too.
                Check out my video if you want to see the shirt on me and my impressions: 

                Do any of you have a “go-to” shirt for casual? I’d love to hear suggestions on casual clothing for a “not a teen, but not my mom” age group .

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