Thursday, June 4, 2015

I tried a slimming belt....and I liked it!

I’ve never used a slimming belt before; to be totally honest until recently I wasn’t very familiar with these products at all. Recently I was given the opportunity to try one from IEasySexy, so I figured why not?

Side view!

 When I first opened the box, I was like oh boy what did I get myself into? Am I going to even be able to figure out how to use this thing?? I took a few minutes to look it over, and once I actually looked at it I realized it’s actually pretty simple to use. The Velcro part is the front and you just put it around your waist and Velcro it together. Once you have it together there are two black pieces that you can adjust to the tightness that you want. The big Velcro can be adjusted as well; I assume the tighter you have it the better it’s going to work.

I think I have it on a little high in this picture

The most important part of this for me was, can you tell I have it on?? I’m sure if you were wearing a super tight thank top, then yes you are going to be able to tell, but my husband was unable to tell I had it on in the shirt I’m wearing in the picture, or in a t-shirt. Another thing I noticed that really affected my opinion of this product is while I had it on I think I had the best posture I’ve had in years. I have major issues with slouching and wearing this makes you stand up tall.

The pieces I'm holding are the
 velcro pieces you can adjust
once it is on
 These definitely run a little small as they are Asian sizes. I would have generally ordered an XL, but went with an XXL to be on the safe side and I’m glad I did. Overall, I’m really glad I gave this product a chance. My husband could notice a difference in my waist line with the product on, so this will be great for those “feeling a little chubby” days when your clothes are fitting just a little tighter than you like. I will definitely be using this and will try and update with any long term results!  If you would like to purchase this or want to know more details, check it out here:  ieasysexyslimmingbelt.  They have a ton of different styles depending on what you are looking for!
Have you ever tried a product like this? What were your thoughts on it? Did you notice any long term results?

This post was sponsored by ieasysexy.  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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