Sunday, June 14, 2015

I love Titan Elite Quarter High Basketball Socks and I don't even play basketball!

     Occasionally I'm given the opportunity to review a product that is a little out there for basketball socks. I'm not even sure when the last time I touched a basketball is, much less actually played the sport.

 But I have a small obsession with socks. More specifically white socks.  I probably buy new white
socks at least once a month (sshhh....don't tell my husband) because I love new socks.  But I have a small secret too; my feet sweat A LOT and I hate it.  This is part of why I constantly buy new socks.  It seems like the older socks get, the less absorbent they are and I absolutely hate the feeling of wet, sweaty socks.

     I was really intrigued when I went to the Amazon product page for the Titan Elite Socks and they said "no more sweaty socks!" I generally work 10 hours shifts and a lot of that is me walking and being on my feet, so I figured I would wear these to work and see if they really stood up to the no sweat feet claim.  Yes, yes they do!  I actually ended up working an 11 hour shift and this was the FIRST time ever that I didn't change my socks as soon as I got home, because my feet were still dry!!

     Not only that, my feet weren't aching and tired like they normally are, because these socks really do provide excellent support. They fit really "tight" so I was a little worried they would bug me, but they absolutely didn't,but they definitely stayed put.  I think the only thing I hate more than sweat socks, is socks that fall down.

      I got these socks in a medium, I would definitely recommend a larger or x-large if you're purchasing these for a guy!  Oh, here's another neat fact, the socks are actually labeled left and right as the supports are made specifically for each foot!

      You can purchase the Titan Elite Socks here: Titan Elite Socks.  Their prices are definitely comparable to other brands and they also offer a money back guarantee!

      I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.


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