Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dress Shopping: Trip Two

Dress Shopping trip number two took place shortly after the first one.  Unfortunately Mommy Dearest and I have 300+ miles between us, so we have to take advantage of  the time that we do have together, which meant two dress shopping trips inside of a week. It is very important for my mom to be a part of the dress picking process to me. (we'll get into that later)

This trip consisted of the same peeps from the first trip, and we went ahead and added My Aunt, and another bm, Michelle. I, of course, forgot to make an appointment again, but thankfully David's Bridal on a Thursday afternoon isn't exactly a hopping place.  

Ok, before we get into the dresses I would like to discuss another important aspect of wedding dress shopping: The Consultant.  He/She makes the experience.  For the first 10 minutes of appointment #1 I had a very pleasant consultant who was VERY hard to understand! For some reason that none of us understood  we ended up with a different consultant...and she made the appointment!  She was very sweet, not at all pushy, and damn it, she was honest!  She was also my consultant for my 3rd dress experience, but I'm getting ahead of myself. On to the consultant from experience #2, Can you say holy badness? She repeatedly told me dresses that looked horrible on me were the best ever.  It got to the point of being ridiculous.  I mean come on, I'm no idiot...I looked pretty hot in some of these babies, so no need to bald face lie! AND she was really pushy, at this point I was 15 months away, no way was I ready to buy, which in my defense I made VERY clear from the get go, so her pushiness totally got to me!

Let the overload of wedding dresses commence:

Dress 1 

Ok, I L-O-V-E the way the top of this dress looks, but holy tulle! Uhm yea, this dress is just a bit much.  My sis had a very similarish dress, but she's built very different, so she rocked it.  Def. Not the dress for me!

The front.
The back.

Can I get a big fat NO?  This was one of my top contenders, and uhm I dislike the pictures even more than I disliked it in person.  I think the pickups look odd, and the front is def. NOT flattering.  I was really disappointed in this dress.

Looooved the back!
I love the back of this dress and I liked the rouching on the front, but it just wasn't the one.

Dontcha just love the look on my face??
This dress. This dress is a conundrum. The more I look at the pictures, the more it grows on me.  It's like a simplified Cinderella dress.  It doesn't have a corset back, which the boy has been very vocal about his love of, but I'm sure it could be added.  I love the skirt, it's super light and flowy. But at the time it wasn't even a serious consideration...What do you guys think? Did I retire this dress prematurely??

I'll be so honest, I don't even remember trying this dress on. So that's an obvious no. It's not even worthy of showing you the back.  You aren't missing anything, I swear.  But what do you guys think of the gathering at the side??  I'm wondering if it would work on another dress?

Ok the next two dresses did nothing to me.  I love the beading on the first one, but I really just think the dress as a whole makes me look wider (code for fatter) than I really am.  And dress 2 doesn't have a train, which is a must for me.  Not sure why I even tried it on.  At this point I think the consultant was just throwing dresses at me. 

This next dress has always been what I've considered "my dress"  I love the color accents of this dress, and in the back of my head I always assumed I would pick this dress, so let's just say I was very underwhelmed.  Not the dress. 

Ok, last dress pic I promise.  Again, I really don't remember trying this dress on.  I've been examining the picture for a couple of minutes and it's nice. It's just not me. 

So what do you think ladies?  Do you see potential in any of these dresses?   Which one was your favorite?

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